Get the skills and experience needed to build a successful marketing career.

Arena’s Business of Digital Marketing program is a 52-week immersive professional development program with weekly live, structured classes that you can participate in from the convenience of wherever.



We strive to create more power for women in the workforce by allowing them to achieve success at any stage of their life.

Upfront Tuition

We don’t believe in loans, debt, or upfront tuition. You’ll pay a percentage of income after you’ve graduated through an ISA.


We believe that education should be AccessibleAffordable and Achievable, incorporating
quality coursework with industry experts teaching real-time content.

Employment Partners

These partners help us by hiring our students into internships, contract positions, and full-time jobs.

Developed by Women, for Women

Our mission is to create a superior and customized educational platform for women in order to maximize and monetize their potential in the workforce.

Learn the Business of Digital Marketing.

Education That is Invested in You

We equip you with in-demand digital marketing skillsets necessary to be universally desired across industries.


Learn the fundamentals of Business for a successful entreprenurial venture or career.


Learn hwo you can track all marketing efforts and the tools used to do so, such as Google Analytics.

Email Marketing

Learn effective skills in Email Marketing to create campaigns to engage new and existing customers.

Social Marketing

Learn how social media is transforming the Digital Marketing world and how to develop targeted ads.

Content Marketing

Learn how to develop compelling content to be used for multiple marketing channels.


Learn the key fundamentals of making content visable online through Search Engine Optimization.

Mobile Marketing

Learn key fundamentals on what makes a person interact with marketing on a mobile device.


Learn about strategies and tools that help with automizing your marketing efforts across all platforms.


Here are answers to our top questions.

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How am I paying?

Your education is financed through an Income Share Agreement (an ISA), allowing you to go through the program with nothing upfront. After, you contribute 5% monthly.

Will you help me get a job?

Yes. We are partnered with (and actively partnering with) companies that are providing contract work, internships, part-time and full-time jobs.

Can I put Arena on my resume?

Of course you can! Arena BoDM is a professional development program that includes a certificate – we want you to show it off!

Who is teaching?

Our live classes are taught by our team of Student Experience instructors, and our course content is taught by industry leaders who are actively involved in Digital Marketing.

How long is the program?

Our program is built on a 52-week model. There is always the opportunity for acceleration if you feel you’re grasping the concept of the content easily.

Why Women?

We believe in “No woman left behind” – the currently, there are aggressive standards and old model of education that isn’t giving opportunities to women of talent that could be of great benefit to the workforce. It is important for women to have a uniform voice in society.

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