“We serve bold, driven and smart women who want to advance their careers.”

-Founder and CEO, Nicolette Rankin
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    Instead of tuition or loans, you pay back a small percentage of your salary once you are making more money.

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    We equip you with an in-demand digital marketing skill set necessary to be universally desired across industries.

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    Real-World Experience

    Work with top brands and get real-world experience running marketing campaigns as you build your network.

We believe education should have no upfront costs and our students should graduate debt free. Arena’s flexible tuition model allows our students share a percentage of their income after graduation. 

Learn why we do this


Be In Demand

Arena is designed to prepare women for successful careers by leveraging digital marketing, a growing $70B a year industry. Our highly specialized programs are developed with industry experts and top brands to give you the skills and experience you need to succeed.

Why Choose Arena?

This program equips you with one of the most lucrative hard skills in the world, while traditional schools aren’t positioned to bring you the latest Digital Marketing Education.

Imagine if every empowered woman learned how to be a digital marketer? Whether you work for a non-profit, family business, or dream of becoming an entrepreneur, digital marketing can open the doors to create greater impact and growth.

If that’s not convincing enough – Digital Marketing skills are more valuable than ever, with digital marketers making an average baseline salary of $58,000 yearly with an earning potential listed over $200,000. A career in digital marketing is lucrative as well as satisfying, with careers in digital marketing occupying six positions on a Glassdoor list of best jobs for work-life balance.